Advanced Glovebox Welding System - AX5000


  • Fully computerized operation
  • Historical and real time graphical display
  • Independent vacuum pumping systems on all ovens and antechambers
  • Integrated moisture, oxygen, argon, and helium monitoring
  • Configurable modular design


Miyachi Unitek's AX5000 Atmospheric Enclosure is a rugged, tight, Windows® controlled atmospheric enclosure. It provides a safe, easy-to-access, easy-to-use enclosure optimized for hermetic sealing applications as seen in electronic component packaging manufacturing. 

Constructed of Type 304 internally polished stainless steel, the AX5000's sturdy tubular frame provides solid support for automation and motion requirements. The atmospheric enclosure features an easily-removed safety glass window equipped with glove ports that have built-in armrests and butyl gloves. 

The AX5000 conforms to NASA-STD-3000 ergonomic standards, allowing comfortable use for a broad range of body types.






Antechambers and Ovens


Configuration Options

End, front, rear loading


Wall heating or heated shelves


0-200° C std., higher available

Vacuum Pumps

Rotary Vane, Dry, or Turbo Pumps

Analysis and Monitoring Capabilities

Oxygen Detection Range

0-1000 PPM or %

Moisture Detection Range

0-150 PPM or ° C dewpoint

Helium Monitoring


Argon Monitoring




5-wire, 208VAC, 3-phase, 30 amps, 50/60 Hz OR
5-wire, 380-415VAC, 3-phase, 30 amps, 50/60 Hz



Environmental gas

60psi (415kPa)

Automatic Door gas

80psi (550kPa)

Chilled Water Needed for oven flange cooling Not required with optional water re-circulator






Gas Purification


Single Column

30 CFM (51 m3/hr)
Moisture and/or oxygen removal

Dual Column

Automatic Dual Column

Gas Mixers

Manual Set Mixers

Two and three gas versions

Automatic Closed Loop Mixer

Two gases


Soot Removal Systems

30 CFM (51 m3/hr) or 100 CFM (170 m3/hr)

CDRH Class 1
Eyesafe Window

Wavelength based on application

Light Tower

Indicates glovebox or process status

Tool Interchange

Floor access, front loading


Light curtain, interlocks


Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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