Lid Placement, Tack and Seam Sealing System - AF8500


  • Current control mode for sealing
  • Programmable electrode force
  • Most complete line of power supplies in the industry
  • Vision system
  • Electrode roll-back feature
  • Automated magazine loader option


The Autoflow system is flexible enough to meet the ever-increasing demands of lid placement and seam sealing applications as seen in the optoelectronic packaging industry. It can be configured either as a stand-alone unit or as part of a fully integrated automated manufacturing line.

The computer-controlled precision tacking and seam-sealing mechanism is combined with a high frequency inverter welding power supply and an optional high resolution vision system to provide a robust and repeatable process.  Autoflow can also be incorporated into an atmospheric enclosure to provide an integrated seam sealing glovebox system, insuring high yield hermetic sealing results.







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