Projection Cap Weld System - Pulsar, RP3000


  • Short duration weld pulse enables low energy welding and repeatable precise projection weld results
  • Ultra-fast rise times for high throughput weld cycles over a broad range of applications


The Pulsar  (P-1000, P-3000, P-6000, P-9000) resistance welding power supply and high-efficiency weld transformers may be combined with a KN weld head to form a single station projection cap welding system

Production proven in industrial environments around the world, these systems are the dependable workhorses of the industry. Whether hermetically sealing micro-electronic packages, transistor outline packages, or joining a variety of metal parts, Pulsar’s broad range of precision power choices provide technically advanced process solutions. 

Pulsar can be easily integrated into atmospheric enclosures to insure high yield hermetic sealing results, or outfitted with aninnovative electrode vacuum and gas backfill system for electronic package sealing that enables packages to be evacuated, and then filled with gas before being hermetically sealed.








Energy range:

1-999 joules

100-3000 joules

100-6000 joules

100-9000 joules


Calibration set

9300 uF

18600 uF

27,900 uF

Maximum potential:

430 VDC max

50-800  VDC

50-800  VDC

50-800  VDC

Input voltage:

90-138 VAC or
180-264 VAC 50/60Hz

208/240/480 VAC 50/60 Hz Single Phase

Input current:

15 Amps

Adjustable between 10-30 amperes 50/60 Hz

Dimensions inches (cm):

11.5 x 9.9 x 13.8 (29 x 25 x 35)

34.0 x 22.0 x 16.0 (86 x 56 x 41)


All solid-state/charge and discharge

Control circuit protection:

Zener-referenced closed-loop circuit

Weld transformer:

High-efficiency matched weld transformer

Energy repeatability:

5% of energy set point



Forge force:

120-1200 lbs.(534-5340 newtons)

Rotary table:

8-station, counter-clockwise rotation, 10” (254 mm) dia.

Drive system:

Mechanical Sine Cam System, variable speed

Index accuracy:

±75 arc seconds (±0.0014”  (0.035mm) @ weld zone)

Index time:

0.5 seconds

System drive:

Induction Motor with clutch and brake

Upper electrode/lower
electrode contact:

Easy removal, water cooled


Automatic and Manual with foot or palm switch

Input air:

80-100 psi (552-689 KPa)

Remote control:

Remote control of energy, weld, and ready/wait functions

Topelectrode eject (optional):

Prevents parts from sticking after weld

Part collection (optional):

Collection box external to enclosure with
automatic feed tube seal

Part hold-down
fixture (0ptional):

Part hold down for stations before and after weld station

Energy Levels

For 1-1500 Joule applications



Forge force:


Single range:

Adjustable between 120-1200 lbs. (534-5340 newtons)

Dual range:

Adjustable between 120-4000 lbs. (534-18000 newtons)


47 mm (1.875”) standard, 100 mm (4”) optional,
custom lengths available

Electrode holders:

Quick change


Zero alignment die set

Kinetic expander:

Expansion >6.4 mm (0.25 Inches)

Die set design:

Zero weld zone flexure

Dimensions (LxDxH)
Inches (cm):

12 L x 15 D x 24 H (30.5 x 38.0 x 61.0)

Approach time:

Adjustable from 50 msecs to 3 seconds

Forge time:

Adjustable from 50 msecs to 3 seconds

Hold time:

Adjustable from 50 msecs to 3 seconds

Weld initiate circuit:


Locking regulators:

Adjustable from 10 psi (72 kpa) to 120 psi (827 kpa)

Cycle status:

Visual illuminated indicators




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