Vacuum Bakeout Oven - SA2200


  • Dual vacuum bake out oven
  • Standalone
  • Small footprint
  • Easy access front panel control
  • Uniform heat distribution


The SA2200 stand-alone vacuum bake out ovens from Miyachi Unitek provide the perfect solution for adding bakeout capacity independent from an atmospheric enclosure.

Manufactured to the highest standards, these fully integrated, reliable vacuum ovens provide the most efficient distribution of conducted and radiant heat.  

Features include: front-loading200° C heated wall bakeout ovens, vacuum pumps, and 12 inch deep work areas.




Forge force:


Single range:

Adjustable between 120-1200 lbs. (534-5340 newtons)

Dual range:

Adjustable between 120-4000 lbs. (534-18000 newtons)


47 mm (1.875”) standard, 100 mm (4”) optional,
custom lengths available

Electrode holders:

Quick change


Zero alignment die set

Kinetic expander:

Expansion >6.4 mm (0.25 Inches)

Die set design:

Zero weld zone flexure

Dimensions (LxDxH)
Inches (cm):

12 L x 15 D x 24 H (30.5 x 38.0 x 61.0)

Approach time:

Adjustable from 50 msecs to 3 seconds

Forge time:

Adjustable from 50 msecs to 3 seconds

Hold time:

Adjustable from 50 msecs to 3 seconds

Weld initiate circuit:


Locking regulators:

Adjustable from 10 psi (72 kpa) to 120 psi (827 kpa)

Cycle status:

Visual illuminated indicators

Specifications subject to change without notice.




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