Fiber Laser Welders - 100W - 500W


  • Focus spot sizes down to 10 microns
  • Penetration depth beyond 0.06” in steels
  • Fine, high quality cutting of metals
  • Excellent power stability
  • Simple, intuitive user interface


Drawing on its extensive experience in pulsed Nd:YAG micro welding, Miyachi Unitek introduces its LF range of fiber lasers, which offer the precise control needed for fine cutting, small component welding, and penetration welding of metals. A large touchscreen pendant enables clear visibility of process schedule parameters, and an intuitive user interface enables quick and easy programming.

Fiber laser sources from 160 to 1000W are available in both single and multi-mode configurations and may be operated in either pulsed or cw mode ensuring application across a broad range of production requirements.



Specification :



Maximum Output

100 Watts (LF100A) (M2  = 1.1)
160 Watts (LF160A) (M2  = multimode)
200 Watts (LF200A) (M2  = 1.1 or multimode)
300 Watts (LF300A) (M2= 1.1)
400 Watts (LF400A) (M2  = 1.1)
500 Watts (LF500A) (M2  = 1.1 or multimode)

Beam Quality

M2 = 1.1 or multimode

Pulse Width

0.02 – 99ms

Pulse Width Resolution


Repetition Frequency

1 – 50,000  Hz, CW

Oscillation Wavelength


Positioning Guide Beam

Built-in visible laser (red)

Output Stability over Operating Temperature Range



240 V +/- 10%  V AC 50-60 Hz single phase


25 A RMS


Air cooling

Operating Temperature

41 – 104 F (5-40 °C)

Operating Humidity

5-85% RH (non condensing)

External Communication

Baud Rate: variable 9600 – 115200
Start bits: 1
Data bits: 8
Parity:  Even
Stop bits:  1
Flow control: None


Physical character ist ics :

Size inches H x W x D

37 x 20.5 x 32.5 inches
(939.8 x 520.7 x 825.5 mm)


300Ib (136.3 Kg)





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