Macro Spot Laser Welders - 5 to 25W


  • Real Time Power Feedback
  • Up to 6kW Peak Power
  • Fine & Penetration Spot Welding
  • Fine Spot Seam Welding
  • Three Time Share or Energy Share
  • Flexible Pulse Shaping
  • Air cooled, Compact


Miyachi Unitek's ultimate control A-Series pulsed Nd:YAG laser welders - model numbers LW5A, LW15A, LW25A - are designed specifically to meet the stringent demands of precision welding applications such as medical deviceselectronic components and other macro and micro laser welding applications requiring the highest levels of quality, precision, reliability and uptime with the lowest cost of ownership.



Specifications :





Maximum Average Power Maximum Pulse Energy Maximum Peak Power

5 Watts 5J @ 5.0 ms 2.5kW

15 Watts 15J @ 5.0 ms 4.0kW

25 Watts 25J @ 5.0 ms 6.0kW

Time Share Outputs

Up to 3

Energy Outputs

Up to 3

Pulse Width (Resolution)

0.2 ^ 10mS (0.02mS <5mS and 0.1 mS >5mS)

Repetition Rate

1 - 30pps

Input Voltage

200/220/240 VAC +10%/-15%, 50/60 Hz, 10

Breaker Rated Current / Recommended Service


Schedule Set

32 schedules

Start Delay Time Schedule Change Time

1 mS, 4mS, 8mS, 16mS selectable

Ambient Operational Temperature

41-86°F (5-30°C)

Alarm for Lamp Life

Preset number of shots or input power value to lamp


baud rate
stop bits

Full duplex or half duplex
User defined, 9,600bps, 19,200bps or 38,400bps
Even, odd or no parity bit
1 or 2


Air cooled. No external water required.

Time Share Shutter Speed


Dust Proof Optics





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