Macro Spot/Seam Laser Welder - 50 to 70W


  • 70J Pulse Energy and 7kW Peak Power
  • Penetration Seam and Spot Applications
  • Excellent Multi Workstation Source
  • Four Energy Share or Six Time Share
  • 200Hz Repetition Rate
  • 32 Programmable Weld Schedules
  • Air Cooled Option


The mid-range power of Miyachi Unitek's LW50A and LW70A is ideal for high penetration laser spot welding or low to medium volume laser seam welding in thinner materials.



Specifications :


LW50A, LW50AE4, LW50AC, LW50ACE4

LW70A, LW70AE4, LW70AC, LW70ACE4

LW150A, LW150AE

Maximum Average Power

50 Watts

70 Watts

150 Watts

Maximum Pulse Energy




Maximum Peak Power




Time Share Outputs

Up to 6

Energy Outputs

Up to 4

Pulse Width Range

0.25 ^ 30mS

0.25 ^ 100mS

Pulse Width Resolution

0.05mS < 5mS and 0.1 mS > 5mS

Oscillation Wavelength


Positioning Guide Beam

Built-in visible laser (red)

Output Stability


Repetition Speed

1 - 200pps

Input Voltage

220VAC +10%/-15%, 50/60 Hz ±3%, 3Ø (non-CE)3 400VAC ±10%, 50/60 Hz ±3%, 3Ø (CE model)3

Recommended A.C. Service

20A (220VAC) and 10A (400VAC)

30A (220VAC) and 20A (400VAC)

Max. Power Consumption



Schedule Set

32 schedules

Start Delay Time Schedule Change Time

0.1mS, 1mS, 4mS, 8mS, 16mS selectable

Ambient Temperature

41-86°F (5-35°C)

Alarm for Lamp Life

Preset number of shots or input power value to lamp


baud rate
stop bits

Full duplex or half duplex
User defined, 9,600bps, 19,200bps or 38,400bps
Even, odd or no parity bit
1 or 2


5-25°C inlet water temp. 294kPa max. pressure drop 1.0 ton cooling capacity

Air cooled - no external water required

5-25°C inlet water temp. 294kPA max. pressure drop 1.0 ton cooling capacity

Air cooled - no external water required

5-32°C inlet water temp. 294kPa max. pressure drop 1.5 ton cooling capacity

Branch/Main Shutter Speed


Time Share Shutter Speed


Dust Proof Optics Path


Note 1: Pulse Width = 10mS
Note 2: Laser output energy at least 5J per pulse and 1kW peak power minimum
Note 3: For input voltages of 240, 380, 400V AC, an additional transformer must be factory installed (for all non-CE models).
Note 4: CE certified unit



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