Resistance Spot Welding Power Supplies

Low Power Linear DC Resistance Weld Control - UB25

Low power linear DC welder for micro-miniature resistance welding and thermocompression bonding applications.

Linear DC Weld Control with Built-in Monitor - DC25

Linear DC resistance welding power supply.

High Frequency Inverter Power Supply - HF27, HF25

25kHz inverter resistance welding power supply for miniature and micro-miniature welding applications.

High Frequency Inverter Power Supply - HF2

2kHz high frequency inverter resistance welding power supply.

Advanced Capacitive Discharge Welders - 125ADP, 300ADP, 1000ADP

Advanced capacitive discharge welders with built-in weld monitoring capabilities.

Mid-Frequency Inverter Resistance Welding Power Supplies - ISA Series

Inverter spot welding controls for larger applications.

Large Scale AC Resistance Weld Controls - STA Series

Advanced, yet simple range of controls for AC welding applications.

Thermocouple Welder - TCW

Uniform bead junction formation with Thermocouple welder.

Wire Spot Welder and Compactor - MC-1301

System designed for solid and stranded wire welding.

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