Advanced Capacitive Discharge Welders - 125ADP, 300ADP, 1000ADP


  • Built-in current monitor
  • Set pulse limits
  • Four pulse widths with fast rise times
  • Programmable, automatic polarity switching
  • Upslope function
  • Quick view color screen



Miyachi Unitek's range of Advanced Dual Pulse CD welders provides a new level of welding performance, advanced process monitoring and simplified user interface.
Their all-new design includes a proprietary charging unit to improve pulse rise times and repetition rates.
The built-in weld monitor with color display provides at-a-glance information of weld and process performance.
Unique features like programmable pulse polarity and uplsope enable fast, easy setup and ensure even nugget formation and electrode wear in series welding, as well as a means to alleviate weld splash.
Ideal for welding conductive materials in applications such as battery spot welding, battery tab welding, battery pack assembly, honeycomb welding and more!


Specification :


125ADP / 300ADP / 1000ADP

Input Line Voltage

90-138 VAC, 50-60Hz         180-264 VAC, 50-60Hz

Dual Pulse


Air Head Driver Output

24V, DC or AC – 0.5A Max.

Weld Schedules


Chain Schedules (Automatic Step)


Programmable Squeeze Time

Programmable per schedule from 0-2.999 sec.

Programmable Hold Time

Programmable per schedule from 0-2.999 sec.

Remote Schedule Selection


Programmable Polarity

Positive/Negative/Alternating (125ADP, 300ADP only)

End Cycle Buzzer


Output Relays

Weld Ready, Weld End, Counter Limit, Alarm, Out of Limits

Microprocessor Control


Weld Counter with User Programmable Limit



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