High Frequency Inverter Power Supply - HF2


  • High Frequency Inverter Welder DC Technology
  • High Speed Feedback Control System for Weld Current, Voltage, or Power
  • Graphical and Alpha-numeric User Interface
  • Envelope function
  • Input/Output Communication Ports for Automation Integration
  • Optional Built-in Weld Sentry with Built-in SPC



The HF2 is a 2kHz, state-of-the-art DC inverter resistance welding control used to join small parts at high speed.
Model HF2S includes a built-in Weld Sentry for resistance weld monitoring with SPC capability.
High speed digital adaptive feedback controls weld current, voltage, or power, providing better weld consistency as compared to traditional AC or CD technologies.


Specification :


2KHz Pulse Width Modulated  (PWM) DC welding  control with constant current,  voltage or power feedback  operating  modes. Feedback response every 250

Line Voltage
Input Circuit Rating

Three Phase Delta,  208,  230,  380  or 460 VAC ±13%,  50/60 Hz power source.
HF2/208-50A: HF2/230-50A; HF2/380-30A; HF2/460-30A.

Weld Current

0.05 – 4.0 kA

Weld Power

0.10 – 9.99 kW

Weld Voltage

0.1 – 5.0V

Weld Period

2000 milliseconds (maximum)

Graphical Weld Display

Graphical display of programmed and actual weld current, voltage and power.

Welding functions

10 functions – basic, braze, dual pulse, pre/weld/post heat, pulsation, quench/temper, roll-spot, weld/repeat, up/down slope and seam, selectable by graphical or alpha-numeric user interface.

Weld Schedules

The user can save (write) 128 different weld schedules. Weld schedules 1 through 127 can be protected. Schedule O is designed to be used as a scratchpad for schedule development.


Remote Control External Input connector

Provides control for the following remote control signals: emergency stop, weld inhibit and remote weld schedule selection. Use dry relay contacts or optocouplers to control remote external input signals.

Firing Switch

1-level footswitch, 2-level footswitch, 2-wire  firing switch, 3-wire  firing switch and opto-firing  switch. Use dry relay contact or opto-couplers to control input signals.


Solid State Relays

2 user programmable solid state relays: AC-24/115 VAC @ 15VA: DC-24  VDC @ 15VA.

Valve Driver Outputs

Two solid state relay outputs for controlling air actuated weld heads. Valve #1 can control a single 24/115 VAC air head.


Valve #2 can control  a single  24 VAC air head.


Dimensions – L x W x H Inches (mm)

15 x 10.5 x 8.5 (381 x 267 x 216)

Weight – Lbs (Kg)

42 (19)


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