Wire Spot Welder and Compactor - MC-1301


  • Ceramic jaws hold parts during the welding operation producing a solid fused weld joint
  • Mechanism is designed for easy setup and maintenance
  • Closed loop spot welder
  • Water Cooled Electrodes
  • Inverter or AC weld transformer integrated into head package


Miyachi Unitek's MC-1301 spot welder / wire compactor is ideal for solid and stranded wire welding applications. The unique compacting mechanism creates a solid fused joint with single or multiple parts. Tungsten electrodes produce the weld heat and ceramic tooling inserts compact the flow of metal from the sides. May be integrated with either AC or inverter resistance welding controls. Stacked cylinder design permits a wide range of force control.


Specifications :


MC-1301-STA & MC-1301-IS

Electrode Air Cylinder Type

Dual cylinder, stacked, low friction cup type, no lube

Force, Cylinder 1, Lbs. (kg) at 20psi

38 (17)

Force, Cylinder 1, Lbs. (kg) at 80psi

156 (71)

Force, Both Cylinders, Lbs. (kg) at 20psi

76 (34)

Force, Both Cylinders, Lbs. (kg) at 80psi

312 (142)

Electrode Stroke,Inches (mm)



Standard Electrode Sizes,Inches (mm)

0.047 x 0.236 (1.2 x 6)

0.079 x 0.236 (2.0 x 6)

0 059 x 0 236 (1 5 x 6)

0 087 x 0 236 (2 2 x 6)


0.071 x 0.236 (1.8 x 6)

0.098 x 0.236 (2.5 x 6)


Welding System



Power Supply

STA-100A AC Weld Control with Air-Cooled 300Amp SCR

IS-120B Inverter Weld Control with MA-627A Programming Pendant

Transformer Model



Rated output

7.5 kVA @ 50% Duty Cycle

40kVA at 50% Duty Cycle

Control Modes

Secondary Constant Current, % Heat

Secondary RMS, Primary RMS, Voltage RMS, Power RMS, Primary Limit, Fixed Pulse


Current, Optional Voltage

Current, Voltage, Power, % Pulse Width



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