Advanced Data Analysis Weld Monitor - ADAM


  • 360º View of Your Weld Including Pre- and Post-Weld Trigger Data
  • Measure Current, Voltage, Force, Displacement and Cover Gas Flow
  • High Resolution Sensors
  • Easy to Program User-Interface
  • Monitor ANY Resistance Welder
  • TCP/IP Communications Enabled
  • Integrated Database and Minitab 15 Statistical Software


With an ever-increasing emphasis on accountability, Miyachi Unitek’s new Advanced Data Analysis Monitor (ADAM) is the most advanced resistance welding monitor available from any manufacturer.

It offers more of the information you need for resistance welding process development, production monitoring and data to support your ISO, and GMP and TQM requirements. Not only will it monitor what happens during the weld, but also before it is triggered, giving you a true 360-degree view of your welding process.



Specification :

Measurement Capability

Single Channel Current, Voltage, and Gas Flow/Auxiliary 0-10 volt input. Two channels each of Force and Displacement. (Displacement, Force, and Cover Gas Flow Sensors are optional.)




Displayed Resolution


2,6, 20,60, 200 kA

3 significant digits


0-15 V

3 significant digits


12, 25,30mm

0.0001” or 0.01mm



3 significant digits

Gas flow/Auxiliary 0-10 Volt


3 significant digits


Derived Parameters

Power = VRMS x IRMS

Resistance = VRMS / IRMS

Measurement Time Maximum

2 Seconds Maximum (Depends on Sampling Rate)

Sampling Rates

125K Samples per Second

Repetition Rate

1 per second for 100 milli second measurement period


Numeric Peak and RMS; Min/Max; Graphical Envelope, Weld Time, Counter

Displayed Resolution

Approximately 1000 Data Points Per Waveform


Current, Voltage, Force with Adjustable Threshold or External Signal

Digital Inputs

External Trigger, Reset, Tare Displacement, Reset Counter, Inibit Measurement, Start Part Measurement, Initial Thickness Measurement

Digital Outputs

Ready to Measure, In Progress, In Limits, Out of Limits, In Warning, Out of Warning, Counter Limit, Force Fire, Thickness Pass, Thickness Fail

Relay Outputs

4 User Configurable Relays Rated: 30VDC and up to 1 A

Weld Counter

User Programmable Counter Limit

Power Supply Cutoff

Weld to Displacement Based on Electrode Position

Number of Schedules



RS-232 (output of weld data after each weld only) Ethernet TCP/IP (remote reading of database)


1 TB Hard Disc

Electrical Requirements

115V/230V 50/60 Hz


ADAM Ordering Guide


Basic System

Includes Data Processing Module, 21.6" (Diagonal) XGA Display, Keyboard, Mouse, Sensor Interface Module

Included SPC Package

Integrated Database and Minitab Statistical Software

Included Accessories

(Qty 1 each) MB-400k Current Coil, Voltage Pick-up Leads

Optional Accessories

Displacement Sensors, Force Sensor, Gas Flow Sensor (Part No. 270-473)

Displacement Sensor Part Nos.

(Part No. 270-458 25mm range, 0.2um accuracy), (Part No. 460-235 12mm range, 0.2um accuracy) (Part No. 311-022 30mm range, 1um accuracy), (Part No. 311-017 12mm range, 1um accuracy)





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